Jefferson for Congress

Thomas Jefferson is your Libertarian Candidate for the Fourth Congressional District in Kansas

Thomas Jefferson

About the candidate

Thomas Jefferson was born and raised in Abilene Kansas and has been a resident in the Fourth Congressional District in Kansas for one year. He holds an associate's degree in information technology, is a United States Navy Veteran of Operation Good Hope and he works as a computer repairman. Thomas is married with three children and has been a small business owner since 1994.

His goal is to launch the Thomas Jefferson Project – which is an effort to end gridlock due to party differences by introducing the concept of voting for the person, not the party.

The Thomas Jefferson Project sets long term goals of ending the Private Federal Reserve act of 1913 and returning control of United States currency to the Treasury Department, hence returning to the Gold Standard of currency valuation. His other platforms include campaign reform, setting term limits of twelve years for both houses of Congress and ending bi-partisan gridlock in the United States Congress and instilling a sense of personal accountability, fiscal responsibility and social tolerance into our politicians.

Political Platform

End the Private Federal Banking System

The Private Federal Reserve Act of 1913 no longer serves a function in the twenty-first century. I will take measures when in office to bring control of United States currency back under the charge of the United States Treasury – thereby providing accountability to the American citizens.

My Pledge

I am offering to go get our country back.

I will hold bi-weekly town hall meeting that are simulcast via Skype! and a conference call-in number. Your voice will again matter to your Congress.

On The Issues

Why are you running for Congress?

To bring the strength and sensibilities of founding father Thomas Jefferson back to our congressional leadership and ask those members to answers some specific questions as to their recent conduct: End control of the Private Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and return control of issuing currency to the Treasury Department. Amend the Constitution to impose term limits of twelve years to both houses of Congress. Undo the harms caused by CISPA and the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

What role should the federal government play in strengthening the nation’s economy?

Investing in the infrastructure of the United States in such a way as to yield a financial return for taxpayer dollars spent. Provide tax incentives and social programs that encourage corporations and business owners to invest locally versus outsourcing jobs and skilled labor. Immediately audit the gold reserve at Fort Knox. End the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and return control of the issuance or contraction of currency to the United States Treasury Department.

What measures would you advocate to support job growth?

Tax relief for hiring American workers and tax detriments for outsourcing where Americans workers can be utilized. Workforce investment programs that allow individuals to become small business owners.

U.S. debt exceeds $15 trillion. What specific legislative measures would you advocate to reduce debt?

As unpopular as this statement may be, I suggest starting with 2011 as the baseline year for budget consideration and reduce all federal spending by 4 percent per year for five years. End the Private Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and restore control of the United States currency to the Treasury Department. Create and enforce a balanced budget - this has been accomplished by previous administrations and is not improbable.

Which federal programs are you willing to cut?

I am willing to cut all federal programs by at least 4 percent as there is at least 4 percent of wasted spending in every program due to administrative bureaucracy. I would restructure the DEA and re-address how to focus efforts on serious drug crimes and drug offenders connected to violent crimes and actually harmful drugs. All federal spending must be reduced rather than just an attempt to cut a few vital programs in their entirety to control spending.

Should all the tax cuts expiring at the end of the year be extended? If so, for how long? If not, should any of them be extended? Why or why not?

All current tax cuts should be extended for one year during which a review of the cuts and spending shall be addressed - the cuts found to be essential to job creation and new industry growth shall become permanent in an effort to encourage investment within the United States.

Would you advocate any changes in federal tax code?

I would strongly advocate not only changes in federal tax code but a complete restructuring of the way tax is collected in the United States. I would advocate ending income tax as a means of taxation and pursue new tax structures similar to an improved 999 plan or flat tax.

What, if any reforms do you support for Medicare or Social Security? Do you favor changing benefit levels?

I do favor changing benefit levels. I would suggest ensuring that all persons under age eighteen and over age seventy are covered under Medicare, and raise the retirement age to seventy without an option for early retirement with the exception of disability. I would like to see the introduction of a federally funded medical savings account versus individual mandate. Every American citizen will have access to the savings account to help pay for office visits and medicine.

Would you advocate for any legislation in favor of or against same-sex marriage? Explain.

This falls under the category of personal accountability, and not attempting to legislate morality. Marriage should be a legal right afforded all American citizens without regard to ethnicity, religious preference or sexual orientation. I personally would not attend a church service at a church that performs same-sex marriages. I would not support such an institution through donation. I would encourage any person with an aversion to same sex marriage to do the same.

Should there be greater disclosure of political contributions? Why or why not?

Absolutely there must be full disclosure of all political contributions. This leads back to transparency of government. Ultimately whoever receives campaign funds will vote on laws that pertain to all residents in a region and even all American citizens - we need to know for whom our politicians are working - and it darn well better be us.

What should be the country’s energy policy moving forward?

Invent baby, invent. We need 'drill baby, drill' policies in place for today but seldom do people get out of a hole by digging deeper into it. I have selected ten technologies to change the world for the better, technologies that are American in origin and will allow the United States to begin exporting technology again while reducing dependence of foreign energy stocks. Among the technologies are: Smarter transformers, smart meters, better batteries and aluminum alloy re-processing energy technology as an inexpensive replacement for coal.

What steps, if any, should Congress take to reform immigration policy in the wake of President Obama’s decision to grant temporary legal status to as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants?

Historically, immigration to the United States has been based upon three principles: the reunification of families, admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy, and protecting refugees. In the past the number of permanent immigrants allowed into the United States has had a worldwide limit of 675,000 per year. This Presidential decision must be a ‘one time only’ offer. After this anomalous offer expires we should strengthen our border patrols.

Do you believe abortion should be limited? If so, to what degree?

I am compelled to explain that I am vehemently opposed to abortion, but our government does not exist to legislate morality - this was self evident to Thomas Jefferson when he helped to create the four documents that define our federal government. I am of the opinion that we cannot force a woman not-to-have an abortion any more than we can force a woman to-have an abortion. This is a topic of personal accountability, if you see a mother - or child - in need, help them.

What, if anything, should Congress do to ease the transition and improve care for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan?

The short answer is - stop sending our boys into foreign lands where they become targets for terrorist snipers. The less short answer is, provide incentives to employers to hire veterans and provide V.A. health care coverage for all veterans without any restrictions. It is very difficult for young men and women to leave their childhood homes and immediately live in extreme conditions while being told that they may have to either kill or die for their country.

How do you define yourself politically?

I am a tried and true made-in-America Libertarian. I am fiscally responsible, socially tolerant and personally accountable. I actually agree with both major parties that are in Washington most of the time: When the Democratic Party states that all of the problems are due to Republican pork barrel politicking and the Republican Party blames all of the ills on Democratic expanded spending on social programs, I take comfort knowing that they are both right.

Who do you most admire and why?

I most admire the real Thomas Jefferson, so much so that I made him my namesake. I chose to run under the name Thomas Jefferson due to the admiration I have for him. When he wrote the Declaration of Independence he did so under pain of treason to the British Crown - the punishment for which was a most agonizing death by torture. Jefferson did not let a little thing like the threat of being tortured to death sway his decision to stand up to injustice.